What is Lean in 100 words or less

1)Lean is:

  • philosophy
  • respect
  • thinking
  • culture
  • improvement
  • flow
  • vision
  • true north
  • teaching
  • listening
  • observing
  • learning

2)Lean is creating and implementing processes throughout the entire organization that are highly responsive and flexible to customer demand. Lean paves the way for delivery high quality products and services, at the right location, at the right time, all in a cost effective and profitable manner. This is only made possible by believing people are the cornerstone. You must engage all human resources and provide knowledge. "Thinking People System".

3)Lean is Doing More with Less..but I emphasize the "doing more" rather than the "with less.

4)Lean is NOT:

- it's not just another set of tools to apply randomly
- it CANNOT be copied
- it's not something a bunch of specialists with specialist skills can do for you or to you
- it is not a short-term silver bullet fix / project
- it is not a cost-saving / headcount reduction tactic.
- the list goes on …

5)Lean is getting people to where they can't ask any more questions…

6)lean manufacturing means to organize everything to improve our system.

7)set a standard, enable detection of deviations, react, involve and improve the standard

8)Respect for people, adding value for the customer while reducing waste, making your product/process flow, and changing your culture


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